Company profile

The seed breeding company P. H. PETERSEN developed from a seed company that was founded by Peter Hartwig Petersen in Lundsgaard, Schleswig-Holstein.

In 1974, Asmus Sören Petersen took over the company and has continually expanded it. Starting with reproducing Marrow stem kale and turnips as forage plants, the company now has a wide breeding program for cover crops, forage plants, cereals and special cultures.

With the registration of the first nematode-resistant varieties world-wide, P. H. PETERSEN redefined a whole field of application for cover crops. Ever since then, the company has been the market leader in Europe and is known for innovative products.

Today, this diverse third generation family business is run by Matz Petersen.

Besides cover crops, the company works with grasses, cereal crops and legumes.

We develop varieties that are adjusted to the needs of modern agriculture and produce the highest quality seeds. These corporate objectives are an incentive for every employee and also the basis of our success.