Annual ryegrass


For profitable and structured quality feed


  • Strong initial development - already after 6 to 8 weeks ALISCA provides succulent, energy-rich and highly digestible fodder
  • The late ripening time makes ALISCA flexible in the harvest
  • Very good leaf-stalk-relation and balanced ratio of sugar and crude protein give an excellent, well-structured quality silage
  • ALISCA is a tetraploid variety - recommended in Northern Germany
  • Low susceptibility to rust saves products and work costs
  • Good regrowth skill - reuse is possible as grazing
  • ALISCA excellently utilizes liquid green manure and binds the nutrients in organic mass
  • Improvement of the ground tilth by good shading and intensive rooting

Variety characteristics:

(Officially confirmed or respectively in line with Bundessortenamt)

bad / early / short / low --- good / late / long / high
Dry matter yield (first cut): 5
Initial mass formation: 6
Ear emergence: 6

Crop rotation suitability:

+ suitable / ++ strongly recommended
Maize ++
Cereals +
Oilseed rape +
Sugar beets +
Potatoes +
Intensive crops +
Legumes +


  • Green manure
  • Biogas- and fodder production
  • Humus formation
  • Protection against erosion
  • Ground water protection / Nitrogen conservation

Agronomic features:

bad / early / short / low --- good / late / long / high
Weed suppression: 6
Protection against erosion: 8
Ground water protection / Nitrogen conservation: 8
Humus formation: 8
Cold- and frost resistance: 3
Drought tolerance: 2
Type of root Tuft root
Rooting depth 70 cm

Cultivation recommendations:

Recommended sowing rate 45 - 50 kg/ha
Sowing depth 1 cm
Sowing period Mid-July to late August - depending on location!
Fertilization 80 - 100 kg N/ha
Crop protection Usually there is no plant protection required
Sowing method Drill seed is recommended

14.09.2018 08:22:40 // 11.00 - Breeder: P. H. Petersen Saatzucht Lundsgaard GmbH


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