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viterra® Cover Crop Blends

The viterra® catch crop sortiment includes proven catch crop varieties combined into intelligent mixtures, which are suitable for the respective crop rotations. Thus, the potential for use is expanded and greater benefits are achieved. viterra® catch crop blends are formulated with selected components for different applications and compiled in a practice-oriented manner.

viterra® special blends

The viterra® special blends are used for special applications like, for example greening of arable border strips, cultivated deer pasture and for undersown crop in maize or biofumigation.

viterra® BIENE
... annual bee fallow / honey fallow
... against soil-borne harmful organisms
... the flower meadow
viterra® HORRIDO
... biennial gameland blend
... annual feast for bees and eyes
viterra® UNTERSAAT
... for sustainable maize cropping

Cover crop programme 2019

You will find the viterra® cover crop blends at page 34ff.

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