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viterra® Cover crop blend


... strong partner for rapeseed cultivation


  • Supports the vitality of the oilseed rape, optimises nutrient dynamics and diverts pests (turnip root fly, cabbage stem flea beetle) away from the main crop
  • Large amounts of atmospheric nitrogen are fixed, reducing nitrogen fertiliser requirements
  • AVALON effectively suppresses weeds with broad leaf foliage
  • Complete and early coverage of the soil protects the soil from erosion at all times
  • Companion plants freeze safely and the remaining mulch provides frost protection for the main crop
  • Growth management: targeted suppression of the main crop prevents overgrowth before winter
  • The particularly small-grained field bean AVALON offers advantages in sowing technique

Blend details:

Seeds % : 57 % Small-seeded faba bean AVALON
43 % Blue lupine ILDIGO
Free of crucifers : yes
Free of legumes : no
Winter hardy : no

Crop rotation suitability:

Cereals +
Oilseed rape ++
Sugar beets
Intensive crops
+ suitable / ++ strongly recommended


  • Green manure
  • Humus formation
  • Protection against erosion
  • Nitrogen fixation
  • Mulch sowing

Agronomic features:

Weed suppression: 8
Protection against erosion: 8
Ground water protection / Nitrogen conservation: 5
Humus formation: 6
Cold- and frost resistance: 2
Drought tolerance: 4
bad / early / short / low
good / late / long / high
Type of root Tap root
Rooting depth 180 cm

Cultivation recommendations:

Recommended sowing rate 30 - 45 kg/ha
Sowing depth 3 - 4 cm
Sowing period Together with rapeseed sowing (two-tank system) or shortly before
Fertilization Large amounts of atmospheric nitrogen are fixed, which can reduce the nitrogen fertiliser requirement of the main crop.
Crop protection Crop protection application according to the main crop
Sowing method Drill sowing ensure high crop emergences

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