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Blue lupine


Soil improver with depth effect


  • Rapid initial development and high dry matter yields
  • Ideal green manure plant, which can fix nitrogen in its root nodules 
  • Can grow independently of the nitrogen content of the soil and also provides mixing partner with the nutrient for growth
  • ILDIGO thrives on loamy sand to sandy loam soils at medium pH (less calcium sensitive)
  • An early sowing promotes the deep rooting, which can also break up soil compaction

Variety characteristics:

(Officially confirmed or respectively in line with Bundessortenamt)

Initial mass formation: 6
Tendency to flower: 3

bad / early / short / low
good / late / long / high

Crop rotation suitability:

Maize ++
Cereals ++
Oilseed rape ++
Sugar beets +
Potatoes +
Intensive crops +
+ suitable / ++ strongly recommended


    Agronomic features:

    Weed suppression: 6
    Protection against erosion: 6
    Ground water protection / Nitrogen conservation: 1
    Humus formation: 8
    Cold- and frost resistance: 1
    Drought tolerance: 3
    bad / early / short / low
    good / late / long / high
    Rooting depth 180 cm

    Cultivation recommendations:

    Recommended sowing rate 180 kg/ha
    Sowing depth 4-6 cm
    Sowing period June - the End of July

    11.08.2021 15:40:01 // 6.00 - Breeder: P. H. Petersen Saatzucht Lundsgaard GmbH

    Cover crop programme 2019