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Spring forage pea


For summer crop cultivation


  • RUBIN is a green forage pea variety which combines rapid development and good ground cover with high green- and drymatter yield
  • The variety is a Normal-Leave Type with good stiffness and good competition against weeds
  • Rapid development in the beginning with good weed suppression
  • Strong and medium tall single plants with medium flowering time
  • Can be used as a pure crop for green fodder and silage and as a valuable partner in forage and greening blends

Variety characteristics:

(Officially confirmed or respectively in line with Bundessortenamt)

Initial mass formation: 6
Tendency to flower: 5
Dry matter yield: 7

bad / early / short / low
good / late / long / high

Crop rotation suitability:

Maize ++
Cereals ++
Oilseed rape ++
Sugar beets +
Potatoes +
Intensive crops +
+ suitable / ++ strongly recommended


  • Humus formation
  • Protection against erosion
  • Nitrogen fixation
  • Green manure
  • Biogas- and fodder production

Agronomic features:

Weed suppression: 6
Protection against erosion: 5
Humus formation: 6
bad / early / short / low
good / late / long / high

Cultivation recommendations:

Recommended sowing rate Pure crop: 80-100 germ. Koe / m²
Sowing depth 4-6 cm, depending on soil type
Sowing period From the beginning of April, wait for optimal soil condition
Fertilization P, K and micronutrients if necessary
No Nitrogen fertilization needed
Crop protection Pre- and post-emergence herbicide applications possible

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