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Agricultural business
Operations manager: Momme Erichsen

There is a cash crop farm connected to seed cultivation, into which the reproductions of preliminary crops and breeding areas are integrated. Its operation has been headed by our manager Momme Erichsen since 2014.

On loamy sands with a soil quality of 40-55, the high annual precipitation (10 years over 1,000mm) and a proportion of sugar beet of approx. 20% must be mentioned as particular features.

The propagation of Z seeds takes place largely in cooperation with an agricultural trade company.

Agrargesellschaft Sietow bR
Operations manager: Jan-Hendrik Rust

In 2012, the Petersen family in Lundsgaard took over Agrargenossenschaft Sietow e.G. In 2014, this transformed into Agrargesellschaft Sietow bR. Its operation has been headed up by our manager Mr Jan-Hendrik Rust since 2013.

Performance tests and variety demonstrations are laid out in plots on site in Sietow. Small cultivars such as catch crops, various grain legumes, rye and triticale are cultivated. When necessary, seed propagation is carried out for bristle oats, rye and wheat.