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P. H. PETERSEN is based in Lundsgaard, Schleswig-Holstein, and cultivates catch crops and special varieties for different uses, adapted to the needs of modern agriculture.

Partners and information

As a member of the Saaten-Union and partner of many agricultural institutions and companies throughout Europe, we are proud of our wide-reaching network. More detailed information can be found on the linked websites.

The Federal Office of Plant Varieties (BSA) is an independent federal authority under the supervision of the Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture and Consumer Protection. It is responsible for registration, granting plant breeders' rights and affairs connected to this matter.

BSA website

With their work, plant breeders lay the foundation for healthy food and a high quality of life. Because plants are the foundation of our lives. As representatives of the interests of German plant breeders, we are your contact partners for any questions on plant research, plant cultivation and the trade of seeds.

BDP website

The Society for Conservation-oriented Soil Cultivation (GKB e.V.)
P.H. Petersen is a supporting member of GKB e.V.

GKB e.V. website

The Agricultural Information Service for Sugar Beet (LIZ) is a cross-company consulting organisation between Pfeifer und Langen KG, Nordzucker AG and Suiker Unie GmbH.

LIZ website

SAATEN-UNION is a sales organisation for these companies and is responsible for the central marketing of all varieties at home and abroad. In cooperation with brand partners, it ensures the optimum distribution of quality seeds all the way to the farmers themselves.

Saaten-Union website

top agrar is the leading specialist magazine for modern farming and agriculture, with more than 100,000 subscribers. It focuses on management, agricultural markets and agricultural policy, as well as crop cultivation, agricultural engineering, new energy and family matters. There are also two special sections on cattle and pig farming. The current practical relevance of the easy-to-understand specialist articles is down to the particular strength of our team of editors. The editorial team provides farmers with the information they need to manage their businesses.

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