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Blue lupine


Top performance with excellent protein


  • Great yield with high protein content
  • Highly tolerant of fusarium and anthracnose
  • Low alkaloid content
  • Excellent stiffness
  • Rapid early growth and even maturity
  • Branched growth type

Variety characteristics:

(Officially confirmed or respectively in line with Bundessortenamt)

Stiffness: 7
Start flowering: 3
Plant height: 3
Protein content: 5
Protein yield: 8
Thousand grain weight: 4
Maturity: 5
Grain yield: 8

bad / early / short / low
good / late / long / high


  • Nitrogen fixation
  • Grain use
  • Suitable for human and animal nutrition

Cultivation recommendations:

Recommended sowing rate 80-100 grains/m²
Inoculation Inoculate seed with suitable rhizobia before sowing
Sowing depth 2-3 cm in a fine seedbed - sowing too deep reduces yield
Sowing period Middle of March until early April
Fertilization No N-fertilization necessary. Depending on the nutrient content of the soil and nutrient extraction 30-50 kg P₂O₅/ha, 60-130 kg K₂O/ha and about 25 kg MgO/ha are advised. Optimal pH-level between 5,0 and 6,8. Micronutrients: if necessary Epsom salt and bo
Crop protection Use herbicides during pre-emergence or mechanically hoe or harrow the field for weed control. If necessary use fungicides against athracnose and rust.
Sowing method Drilling is advised; row distance identical to cereals.
Harvest Late July until early September. Optimal moisture for harvesting 14-16%. Use protective setting for threshing to avoid broken grains.

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