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Everything from one source, for three generations: From cultivation to preparation to distribution.

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Innovation, Variety, Quality.

The seed cultivating company P. H. PETERSEN developed out of an agricultural company founded by Peter Hartwig Petersen in Lundsgaard, Schleswig-Holstein, in 1931.

In 1974, Asmus Sören Petersen took the reigns and continued to expand the company. Beginning with the propagation and cultivation of marrow-stem kale and swedes as animal fodder, the company went on to develop a comprehensive cultivation programme for catch crops, fodder, cereals and special cultivars in the years that followed.

P. H. PETERSEN was able to redefine a whole area of application for catch crops with the approval of the world’s first nematode-resistant varieties. The company has been a European market leader for innovative products ever since.

Today, the diverse family business is managed by the third generation, namely Matz Petersen.

In addition to catch crops, the company also cultivates grasses, various cereals and legumes.

We develop varieties which are adapted to the needs of modern agriculture and produce seeds of the highest quality. These business goals are what drive every employee and also provide the foundation for our success.