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Field bean


High yielding, stable, and suitable for organic farming


  • With an average protein content, BIRGIT is characterized by excellent protein yields
  • Robust variety with rapid initial development even under unfavorable growth conditions
  • With its leavy growth BIRGIT ensures a fast weed suppression and has therefore a good suitability for ecological cultivation
  • Medium-sized, stable variety, characterized by a comparatively low thousand grain weight
  • Robust seed coat with dark hilum provides a healthy grain and allows sowing without chemical seed treatment
  • Conventional variety with medium tannin and vicin content - very suitable for ruminant feeding
  • High valuable pre crop in cereal rotations which allows control of blackgrass

Cultivation recommendations:

Cultivation Robuste Sorte mit gesundem Korn ermöglicht Verzicht auf Beize. Sehr gute Eignung für den Öko-Anbau.

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