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viterra® Cover crop blend


… frost-susceptible blend without clover


  • Blend with easier freezing-off oil radish COMPASS and frost-susceptible saia oat PRATEX
  • Particularly recommendable for direct drilling and mulch sowing procedures, especially before maize and sugar beet
  • Resulting root channels allow quick development of deep roots of maize
  • Activation of beneficial organisms in the soil, loosens and ventilates the soil for ideal maize stocks
  • viterra® MULCH absorbs nitrogen in winter and protects it against shift
  • Saia oat promotes Mycorrhizas, which stabilize soil particles, which benefits the subsequent maize
  • viterra® MULCH is especially recommended for sugar beet crop rotations

Blend details:

Seeds % : 56 % Saia oat / Bristle oat PRATEX
44 % Oil radish COMPASS
Free of crucifers : no
Free of legumes : yes
Winter hardy : no

Crop rotation suitability:

Maize ++
Cereals +
Oilseed rape +
Sugar beets ++
Potatoes +
Intensive crops +
Legumes +
+ suitable / ++ strongly recommended


  • Protection against erosion
  • Green manure
  • Humus formation
  • Ground water protection / Nitrogen conservation

Agronomic features:

Weed suppression: 8
Protection against erosion: 7
Ground water protection / Nitrogen conservation: 8
Humus formation: 8
Cold- and frost resistance: 4
Drought tolerance: 5
bad / early / short / low
good / late / long / high
Type of root Tuft root + Tap root
Rooting depth 180 cm

Cultivation recommendations:

Recommended sowing rate 50 kg/ha
Sowing depth 1 - 2 cm
Sowing period Mid-July to early September - depending on location! Early sowing increases successfully the reduction.
Fertilization An early fertilization to promote the initial development is recommended.
Crop protection Usually there is no crop protection required
Sowing method Drill sowing ensure high crop emergences

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